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A small step, followed by a light pace, and then jump up.


Then came another ordinary goal.


Bruno Fernandez's penalty kick technique may be regarded as an anomaly in today's football, but this three-stage penalty technique can be traced back to the legendary Southampton legend Letisier. and

布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)的点球技术可能被认为是当今足球的一种反常现象,火狐直播app下载但是这种三阶段的点球技术可以追溯到传奇的南安普敦传奇人物莱蒂西耶(Letisier)。和

In the 48 penalties he faced in his career, Le Tissier only missed 1 penalty. In his opinion, his penalty skills back then are similar to the new tricks of football today.


In January of this year, The Athletic had a face-to-face interview with the saint's star and analyzed Ward Prouss' free kick technique together, and he also shared his penalty kick at the time.


This last-minute adjustment ability is the ability that Le Tissier shares with today's penalty shooters. In the past, the Southampton star relied on his own light and calm expression when taking penalty kicks to defeat opponents through resourcefulness. Now some penalty shooters may rely on the way of pacing and jumping during penalty kicks. Give yourself more time to adjust the direction of your shot.

最后一刻的调整能力是Le Tissier与当今点球手所共有的能力。过去,南安普敦巨星依靠点球踢来通过机智来击败对手,他依靠自己的淡定和镇定的表情。现在,一些点球手可能会在点球时依靠节奏和跳动的方式。给自己更多的时间来调整拍摄方向。

Let us take a look at the penalty kick taken by Jorginho in the European Super Cup last August...


After starting the run-up, the Italian midfielder looked determined to hit the right side (later showing a greater tendency), but before making a final decision, he needs to let Adrian do the action first.


You can pay special attention to Jorginho's head-he "slightly" looked at the place above his eyelid, perhaps his sight noticed Adrian's knee.


Adrian (he had saved 20 penalty kicks and saved 5 times at the time) but did not move after Jorginho started the approach, but the Italian started pacing...


Adrian almost remained in place, but then Jorginho began to jump...


At this point the goalkeeper has already started to make a save, his knee action "tells" Jorginho to pounce to the left.


"This is the role of jumping, it will give you a certain amount of time when the goalkeeper makes a save," Le Tissier said.

Le Tissier说:“这是跳跃的作用,它将在守门员进行扑救时给您一定的时间。”

For Jorginho, who has not yet completed the main penalty action, he has plenty of time to shoot the penalty to the right with the inside of his right foot...


This penalty kick technique has other advantages, for example, it can conceal the penalty kick.


"I will never punish the center," Le Tissier explained.

Le Tissier解释说:“我永远不会惩罚这个中心。”

"I never think about midfield. I remember that when we played against Blackburn (April 1994), I faced a penalty kick against Tim Flowers, who had been a teammate for many years. He saw I have taken a lot of penalty kicks, and I know my penalty habit very well, so when I was waiting at the penalty spot, Shearer stepped up to me and said, "No matter how you take the penalty, don't kick in the middle."

“我从没想过中场。我记得当我们与布莱克本(1994年4月)比赛时,我面对蒂姆·弗劳斯(Tim Flowers),后者已经是队友很多年了。他看到我踢了很多罚球,并且我知道我的处罚习惯非常好,所以当我在处罚现场等待时,希勒(Shearer)走上前对我说:“无论如何处罚,都不要踢在中间。”

"Obviously before the game that night, they had an exchange of assumptions about my penalty kick. They did it because I had never played in the middle before, and this time I wanted to give it a try. After all, Flower Si knows my penalty skills. When Shearer said this to me, I couldn't be sure whether he wanted to deceive or make a sincere suggestion."

“很明显,那天晚上比赛开始之前,他们就我的点球大战交换了看法。他们之所以这样做,是因为我以前从未在中间打过球,这次我想尝试一下。毕竟,Flower Si知道我的希勒对我这么说时,我不确定他是否想欺骗或提出真诚的建议。”

Le Tissier finally stood on the penalty spot, and after Flowers pounced in the direction of his preferred penalty, he took the ball to the left. Below, let us look at the free throw tendency of Jorginho and Fernandez.

Le Tissier终于站在了点球上,Flowers朝他偏爱的点球方向猛扑之后,他将球带到了左边。下面,让我们看看豪尔吉尼奥和费尔南德斯的罚球趋势。

Obviously, the two players who like to use exaggerated approach to conceal the direction of the penalty kick showed a choice of two.


And their main penalty record is also very prominent.


It is not difficult to see that these two players do not always use skipping when taking penalty kicks. They will make judgments based on whether the goalkeeper has moved in advance.


"With the goalkeeper not moving, Jorginho would have doubts and missed the penalty," Le Tissie said. "In the case of penalty misses, he did not master the rhythm and pace of the penalty. I always grasped this as a player. If the goalkeeper takes the lead in making judgments, then I have a greater chance of scoring."

勒蒂西说:“在门将不动的情况下,豪尔吉尼奥会产生怀疑,错过了点球机会。” “在罚球失败的情况下,他没有掌握罚球的节奏和节奏。作为一名球员,我一直都掌握这一点。如果门将率先做出判断,那么我得分的机会就更大。”

In the distant United States, Martinez's penalty kick technique is not only exaggerated, but also has a good score conversion rate.


In June 2019, when facing Washington United goalkeeper Bill Hamid, the Venezuelan striker's penalty finally flew out of the crossbar due to the goalkeeper's motionlessness (just moving forward slightly).

2019年6月,面对华盛顿联队门将比尔·哈米德(Bill Hamid)时,委内瑞拉前锋的处罚最终由于门将的一动不动(只是略微向前移动)从横梁上飞了出来。

As Le Tissier said, if the goalkeeper can tighten his nerves, then this penalty kick will be annihilated.

正如Le Tissier所说,如果守门员可以紧张起来,那罚球将被an灭。

"On the penalty I missed, the goalkeeper (Mark Crossley of Nottingham Forest in 1993) made his own judgment. The timing of his save was perfect.


"When I watched him, he pretended to pounce to the side, so I figured out the direction of the free throw at that time, but he just moved a small step, then pounced to the right place, and finally saved the ball. . That's the only goalkeeper to do this."


An excellent penalty requires not only a certain amount of deception and expressiveness, but also a little observation and sufficient control.


"I like this very much", Le Tissier said when talking about this new penalty technique. "Football matches should be improved in all aspects. I am very happy that people have been pursuing and improving all aspects of the game."

Le Tissier在谈到这种新的点球技术时说:“我非常喜欢。” “足球比赛应该在各个方面进行改进。我很高兴人们一直在追求和改进比赛的各个方面。”

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