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   Beijing time on October 9th, Bryson DeChambeau, the “popular American boy”, showed muscle again on Thursday, and the result was as good as the US Open.

北京时间10月9日,“受欢迎的美国男孩”布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)在星期四再次表现出肌肉,结果与美国公开赛一样出色。

For the first time since Wing Kau achieved his first Grand Slam victory last month, Bryson De Chambord has birdied all three par-5 holes and birdied two par-4 holes. Shot 62, 9 under par, and took a one-stroke lead after the first round of the Holy Land Brotherhood Children's Hospital Open.

自上个月荣九队首次获得大满贯冠军以来,布赖森·德·香波德(Bryson De Chambord)首次在所有3杆5洞抓鸟,并在2杆4洞抓鸟。在圣地兄弟会儿童医院公开赛第一轮比赛后,以低于标准杆9杆的速度打出62杆,并以一杆火狐视频app下载安装领先。

   This score tied his career low, and he still felt regretful at TPC Samlin. He knows that if the last hole (the 9th hole, the par 5 hole) can be pushed into the 15-foot eagle from the edge of the green, he will hit his best score on the PGA Tour.

这个成绩使他的职业生涯陷入低谷,他对TPC Samlin仍然感到遗憾。他知道,如果可以从果岭边缘将最后一个洞(第9洞,标准杆5洞)推入15英尺的老鹰洞,他将在PGA巡回赛中创出自己的最佳成绩。

"I'm not happy that the small ball didn't make the hole, but I accepted 62," said Bryson De Chambeau, who won the game two years ago. "I am very satisfied with today's performance. I did not play my own. The best level, but many times today, I put the ball in the right place."

两年前赢得比赛的布赖森·德尚博说:“小球没有打进洞我并不高兴,但我接受了62。” “我对今天的表现感到非常满意。我没有发挥自己的水平。达到最佳水平,但是今天很多时候,我把球放在正确的位置。”

   Like Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Cantley was also the former champion of this event. In fact, he was runner-up here in the past two years. He lost to Luo Sang-woo in the playoffs last year. He tried his best to catch up with Bryson DeChambeau. Patrick Cantley birdied the 18th hole and shot 63. His only stain is the 14th hole, three pushes from a long distance to swallow bogeys.

像布赖森·德尚博一样,帕特里克·坎特利也曾是这项赛事的冠军。实际上,他在过去两年中曾在这里获得亚军。去年在季后赛中他输给了罗相宇。他竭尽全力赶上Bryson DeChambeau。帕特里克·坎特利(Patrick Cantley)在第18洞抓到小鸟,射出63杆。他唯一的污点是第14洞,从远处三推入吞下柏忌。

   "If you stay patient and play wisely, the birds will appear," Patrick Cantley said. "They are out today, and I hope they will be the same in the next three days."

帕特里克·坎特利说:“如果你保持耐心并明智地比赛,它们就会出现。” “他们今天出去了,我希望在接下来的三天里他们会一样。”

Austin Cook (Austin Cook), Harold Varner III (Harold Varner III), Scott Harrington (Scott Harrington), Nate Lashley (Nate Lashley) also shot 63, tied In second place.

奥斯汀·库克(Austin Cook),哈罗德·瓦尔纳三世(Harold Varner III),斯科特·哈灵顿(Scott Harrington),内特·拉什利(Nate Lashley)也打出63杆,并列第二。

   There were 6 other players who shot 64 and tied for seventh place. As there is no wind and the temperature is warm, the average is close to 3 under par. Zhang Xinjun and Pan Zhengcong happened to be in that position.


   Zhang Xinjun kicked off the back nine holes and caught 5 birdies before the transition, but no birdies were accounted for after that. He shot 68, tied for 59th with Pan Zhengcong. Chinese Taipei players caught 5 birdies and swallowed 2 bogeys.


   Bryson De Chambeau struck hard on the driving range on Wednesday and even left a mark on the car parked behind the driving range. After that, he shot 59 in the professional/amateur match. At such a moment, it is easy to ignore his putting. But his putts are also excellent. Today he pushed two 10-foot para putts, and on the 12th hole he pushed an 18-foot putt and caught the first birdie.

Bryson De Chambeau星期三在练习场上大打出手,甚至在停在练习场后面的汽车上留下了印记。在那之后,他在职业/业余比赛中射门59。在这样的时刻,很容易忽略他的推杆。但是他的推杆也很棒。今天,他推了两个10英尺的准推杆,在第12洞他推了一个18英尺的推杆并抓到了第一只小鸟。

   Bryson De Chambeau easily hit the 15th hole, 314 yards, on the par four green. That was the beginning of TPC Samlin's hot ending. At that time, the front group was still putting the ball on the green, and his ball had already been on the green and stopped about 15 feet.

布赖森·德·尚博轻松地在标准杆4杆果岭上撞到了第15洞(314码)。这就是TPC Samlin热门结局的开始。当时,前组仍将球放在果岭上,他的球已经在果岭上,停了约15英尺。

"I feel terrible," Bryson De Chambeau said. "I didn't know they were still on the green. They were a lot in front of us all day, and I felt that they were already on the seventh green. It’s because we spent some time in the previous holes. So that was my mistake and I’m really sad.”

布赖森·德·尚博说:“我感觉很糟糕。” “我不知道他们仍然在果岭上。他们整天都在我们面前,我觉得他们已经在第七果岭上了。那是因为我们在以前的洞里花了一些时间。所以我的错误,我真的很难过。”

   Bryson DeChambeau said that he later found Chesson Hadley (Chesson Hadley) from the previous group and apologized to him.

布赖森·德尚博说,他后来从先前的小组中找到了切森·哈德利(Chesson Hadley)并向他道歉。

   "I am very happy to hit the ball to 15 feet," Bryson De Chambord said.

Bryson De Chambord说:“我很高兴将球击到15英尺。”

   Garcia just won in Mississippi last week, starting with a 66. Former British Open champion Francesco Molinari (Francesco Molinari) shot 70 in his first game since the suspension of the PGA Tour.

加西亚上周刚从密西西比州夺冠,获得66杆。前英国公开赛冠军弗朗切斯科·莫利纳里(Francesco Molinari)自美巡赛暂停以来的首场比赛中投篮命中70杆。

   This must be another deafening sound made by Bryson De Chambord after his victory at the US Open. He adopts a unique strategy on the wing foot, hitting each hole as far as possible, because he realizes that it is difficult for everyone to climb the narrow, curved fairways there, so he prefers to be as close to the green as possible.

这一定是布赖森·德·香波(Bryson De Chambord)在美国公开赛获胜后发出的另一种震耳欲火狐直播app下载聋的声音。他在后脚采用了独特的策略,尽可能地击中每个洞,因为他意识到每个人都很难在那狭窄的弯曲球道上攀爬,因此他更喜欢尽可能靠近果岭。

   Such a strategy is also perfect in Las Vegas. The temperature in the desert here is very high and there is almost no wind. The score is very low, but this is the characteristic of this game. Of the 72 players who kicked off in the morning, only 6 did not break the par, and 122 were below the par throughout the day.


   This is the only tournament that Bryson DeChambeau plans to participate in before the Masters. This means that he will miss the next two races with high prize money and no elimination line. He hopes some time to test the 48-inch driver. Drivers of this length are usually only seen in long-distance matches. But he was ready to apply it to Augusta.

这是Bryson DeChambeau计划在大师赛之前参加的唯一比赛。这意味着他将以较高的奖金和没有淘汰线的方式错过接下来的两站比赛。他希望有时间测试48英寸驱动器。这种长度的车手通常只在长距离比赛中才可以看到。但是他准火狐直播app下载备将其应用于奥古斯塔。

   Bryson DeChambeau started with two long hitters: US Open runner-up Matthew Wolfe and Cameron Champ (Cameron Champ) today. The distance between the two and Bryson De Chambeau is about the same, and it seems that they are not struggling to get away from him. Cameron Champ shot 67, and Matthew Wolf shot 68.

布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)最初有两个打手:美国公开赛亚军马修·沃尔夫(Matthew Wolfe)和卡梅隆·尚(Cameron Champ)。两者与布赖森·德尚博之间的距离大致相同,似乎他们并没有为摆脱他而苦苦挣扎。 Cameron Champ射中67,而Matthew Wolf射出68。



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